It's a Baby Boy!

"It's a healthy baby boy!" exlaims Susan.

Mary starts crying of relief and happiness. Her prayers have been answered. A baby boy, now her husband will give them a higher allowance. She doesn't have to worry as much about not being able to feed her children. Her husband earns pretty well, but with three wives, he's choosing how to divide money between his wives carefully. He doesn't live with any of them, he lives in a nearby major city. Whereas all of his wives live in the same small village. The other wives have all given birth to at least one boy. Therefore they were given a higher allowance than Mary.

Susan placed the baby boy on Mary's stomach. Mary feels amazing, and unreal. She's carried the boy in her womb for 9 months and now he's laying ontop of her. She reaches out and pulls him up to her face. The boy is smelling of that special baby scent, soft and sweet. Mary is euophoric, she doesn't know what to do, her tears keep running down her cheeks.

The Early Years