You're a very active child. You are always exploring, and your mother is having her hands full following you around. You love exploring and examing new things, you love taking things apart to figure out how they work. You love the days your father comes to visit and plays with you. You hate sitting still, you don't like having a bedtime. You just wanna play with your toy cars (a birthday gift from your father) and play soccer on the street with the other boys. You spend a lot of time with your cousin David, who is only a year older than you. You find David slightly boring though, because of he is a bit of a geek. You know that he has a heart of gold, and is the nicest boy you've ever met, and you love him, because he's family. You don't spend a lot of time with your older sisters, they do girly things, like sewing and cooking, and you hate that sort of stuff. Luckily, you're not required to many chores. You do follow your mother to the market every Friday, where she sells the abundance of grains that she's harvested during the week. Although, she has been complaining about the lack of grains lately, the dry season has been longer and drier than normal. Your mother also uses the weekly allowance that your father gives your family, at the market. You know that your father is working in the capital and can't see your family much, but it still makes you sad, and you wish you could see him more. He comes visit you every other week.

Every morning around sunrise, you get up and you go to the village well to get water. You carry the water home, where your mother has breakfast ready. The breakfast consists of porridge, and fruit. After breakfast, your mother and sisters go to do chores. You're usually really tired after getting up so early, that you take a nap. After you've wake up, you go play with the other children. Your favorite game is playing soccer on the street with the boys. Today, one of the boys has a soccer magazine with him, that his father had given him. And you sit there looking through the magazine, and you're discussing which player and what team is the best.

"I'm going to play for our national team one day!" one of the boys pipe up, you laugh together with several others.

Becoming a star, at least you think so, doesn't happen if you're from a village in the middle of nowhere. Secretly, you wouldn't mind becoming a star, but you know that you're one of the worst players of the boys.

As with most of the African villages, the entire village will help raising the children, making sure that they are punished if they misbehave. You've been taught to respect and listen to your elders. You like most children in the village, except one girl that really gets under your skin. Her name is Beatrice, and she's 4 years older than you and always smells of roses. Her family lives on the other side of the village, her father is very successful and it's well-known in the village that they are the richest family here. They aren't lacking anything and Beatrice's mother doesn't even have to work on the fields, they can buy everything they need. You've also been told that they have servants taking care of their home. Beatrice always makes it known that she is better than everyone else, and that you all should consider yourself lucky to know her. She's always picking on you and your best friend, Callan. You've known Callan since before you could walk. His mother used to help babysitting you when you were a baby, so that your mother could go work on the fields. And Callan's mother used to bring him all the time, as he is only a few weeks younger than you. You and Callan say that you're more than best friends, you're brothers, since neither of you have any brother, and you're close to each other. You two tell each other everything, and don't keep any secrets. Callan's father is a soldier in the army, and he's often away from them for several months at a time. Therefore, Callan is often worried about his father's safety and you reassure him that everything will be alright. Your country isn't officially at war with any other country, but there are a lot of civil conflicts. The army is constantly fighting off different religious groups, as well as local rebel groups.

Thankfully, your village has been spared from being raided. The village is large enough to have its own local milita, and it's safer than most villages in your region. You're aware that raids are happening to other villages - men are being killed, girls kidnapped to become wifes to the rebels, and boys to be trained to be soldiers. You don't know if it has increased or decreased, your reality is, that it has always existed - one group is replaced by another and the cycle goes on.

Your Birthday