It's a Baby Girl!

A girl...A baby girl...The words keep echoing in Mary's mind, over and over. She feels tears run down her cheeks. Her life is over, her husband will never send them money again. She feels despair and for a second she feels hatred towards her baby, why did she have to be a girl? What has Mary done to anger God, to deserve this fate? She doesn't know how she is going to survive and feed her family. Susan has cleaned up her baby girl and wraps her in a towel, and hands her to Mary. When those dark brown eyes look up at Mary in wonder, she feels the hatred in her heart melting away, and is replaced by wonder. The innocence radiating from the baby's eyes, made her feel guilty. How could she hate an innocent beautiful creature like this? The baby girl hasn't done anything wrong. She can't be faulted for being born. Mary is now crying, but for other reasons.

The Early Years